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"Will plasmolifting help to remove the tooth pocket in the gum?" — question by Irina

Answer by Dentaservice

The formation of a gingival pocket has a large number of possible causes. The effect of enriched platelet mass (plasmolifting) lasts 3 to 5 days. Plasmolifting does not eliminate the cause of the formation of the periodontal pocket, its main action is aimed at improving the healing of soft tissues.


"Do you have the braces which are invisible?" — question by Anton

Answer by Dentaservice

Yes, we have. These are lingual braces which are fixed on the teeth from the inner side (from the side of the tongue). We use lingual brace systems if there is patient’s desire and dentist’s indications.


"When I brush my teeth, my gums are bleeding. Do I need to visit my dentist, or it is normal?" — question by Zhenya

Answer by Dentaservice

It is forbidden to ignore. A healthy gum has pale pink colour, without any shades and pain. In case of gum bleeding, you need immediately address your dentist. It can be the first sign of various diseases which can lead to the teeth loss.


"Can you treat my teeth under the microscope?" — question by Ivan

Answer by Dentaservice

Yes, wecan. Since2004, an endo-microscope has appeared in our clinic. Our team has a great experience, and our dentists’ professionalism allows to accomplish treatment of any complexity at the highest level.


"How to understand the necessity of dental alignment?" — question by Alexey

Answer by Dentaservice

The indications for visiting your dentist can be esthetic discomfort, painless feelings in the joints of the lower jaw, and other problems. It is possible to get more detailed answers for this question only after orthodontist’s consultation.


"Is it necessary to put implant if there is no tooth?" — question by Sofia

Answer by Dentaservice

The indication for implant placement is the absence of a tooth. The absence of a tooth can lead to teeth replacement in a dental range. The dentist can give you the more detailed information after the consultation.


"What are teeth implants made of?" — question by Anna

Answer by Dentaservice

To produce dental implants, they use titanium alloys with hydroxyapatite coating for better integration into bones.


"How is dental calculus removed?" — question by Sasha

Answer by Dentaservice

In our clinic, various methods of dental calculus removal are used. Depends on the degree of complexity. They use curettage, ultrasonic method, Air flow, and polishing with brushes and paste. The whole procedure is painless.


"What is AirFlow? And how does it work?" — question by Stanislav

Answer by Dentaservice

AirFlow is a specialized stomatological device to accomplish a professional mouth cavity hygiene. At first, it removes solid dental plaque with the help of ultrasonic rays. Then it polishes actively teeth surface to prevent new formation of dental tartar.


"My tooth is damaged. It seems its root is left only. Do I need to extract it, orit is possible to do anything?" — question by Anna

Answer by Dentaservice

If a tooth is damaged, it is not always necessary to extract it. You need to have an orthopedist’s consultation to evaluate the degree of destruction and to choose the way of solving your problem.


"What is dental restoration made of?" — question by Stas

Answer by Dentaservice

If it is a direct dental restoration in the dentist’s room exactly, it is made of a wide range of dental photopolymer materials. In case of indirect restoration, it can be performed with the help of dental technical lab and made of plastics and ceramics. More details you can find on our website.


"How long does dental implantation takes?" — question by Vadim

Answer by Dentaservice

The main key is the choice of implantation system. Therefore, the period of implant integration into bones can be various. It is also important to study the general patient’s state, regenerative abilities of organism, and concomitant diseases. Each case is unique, that’s why the time limits of dental implant prosthesis can vary from 2 months up to half a year.


"Is it possible to perform teeth alignment without braces?" — question by Irina

Answer by Dentaservice

The possibility to treat teeth without braces depends on the exact clinical situation. However, the alternatives always exist, such as orthodontic aligners, for example.


"What are dental crowns made of?" — question by Ivan

Answer by Dentaservice

The modern dental crowns do not differ from the real teeth. Indentistry, the crowns are usually divided into metal, non-metal, and combined ones. They use such metals as gold alloys, stainless steel, cobalt-chromium alloys, or silver-palladium alloys. The non-metal dental crowns are made of ceramics, zirconium oxide, and plastic. The porcelain-fused-to-metal and plastic-to-metal dental crowns and related to combined ones.


"How do they perform dental treatment in a dream?" — question by Alexandra

Answer by Dentaservice

A patient is put into an induced coma. Meanwhile, the anesthesiologist monitors the patient’s state; the treatment passes comfortably and painlessly.

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