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Вопрос от Irina:

Will plasmolifting help to remove the tooth pocket in the gum?

Ответ от Dentaservice

The formation of a gingival pocket has a large number of possible causes. The effect of enriched platelet mass (plasmolifting) lasts 3 to 5 days. Plasmolifting does not eliminate the cause of the formation of the periodontal pocket, its main action is aimed at improving the healing of soft tissues.

Вопрос от Anton:

Do you have the braces which are invisible?

Ответ от Dentaservice

Yes, we have. These are lingual braces which are fixed on the teeth from the inner side (from the side of the tongue). We use lingual brace systems if there is patient’s desire and dentist’s indications.

Вопрос от Zhenya:

When I brush my teeth, my gums are bleeding. Do I need to visit my dentist, or it is normal?

Ответ от Dentaservice

It is forbidden to ignore. A healthy gum has pale pink colour, without any shades and pain. In case of gum bleeding, you need immediately address your dentist. It can be the first sign of various diseases which can lead to the teeth loss.

Вопрос от Ivan:

Can you treat my teeth under the microscope?

Ответ от Dentaservice

Yes, wecan. Since2004, an endo-microscope has appeared in our clinic. Our team has a great experience, and our dentists’ professionalism allows to accomplish treatment of any complexity at the highest level.

Вопрос от Alexey:

How to understand the necessity of dental alignment?

Ответ от Dentaservice

The indications for visiting your dentist can be esthetic discomfort, painless feelings in the joints of the lower jaw, and other problems. It is possible to get more detailed answers for this question only after orthodontist’s consultation.

Вопрос от Sofia:

Is it necessary to put implant if there is no tooth?

Ответ от Dentaservice

The indication for implant placement is the absence of a tooth. The absence of a tooth can lead to teeth replacement in a dental range. The dentist can give you the more detailed information after the consultation.

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