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Artistic Dental Restoration

An artistic, or cosmetic, dentology of DentaService is engaged in aesthetic teeth restoration, i.e. color, form, structure, and size. The teeth, renovated by means of art-restoration method, do not differ from the healthy units neither by their appearance, not by their functions.


An artistic restoration has a lot of “pluses” in comparison with prosthetics, they are the following:

  • short period of accomplishment, as the process of restoration takes usually from half an hour up to several hours;
  • minimal tooth tissues removal;
  • risk absence of caries progression;
  • total natural characteristics duplication of a renovated tooth.

There are only several contraindications for the artistic restoration:

  • allergy on composite materials;
  • some gums diseases;
  • bruxism.

Besides, an aesthetic teeth renovation will become rather cheaper for a patient than prosthetics or implantation.


An artistic restoration is applied in such cases as:

  • change of enamel color and transparency;
  • presence of splits and chips;
  • loss of some crown part in the result of trauma or caries;
  • having big interdental gaps, or diastema;
  • crown form or teeth range correction.

The renovation happens by the direct and indirect methods.

Direct Method

The restoration is held with the use of composite filling materials which become solid under the light influence of:

  • photopolymers;
  • glass ionomers;
  • photocomposites.

Our specialist selects a material which is the closet to color, form, and transparency. The building up and modeling happens at once in the patient’s mouth. As a rule, one visit to the dentist’s is enough to get an irresistible smile.

Indirect Method

A specialist from the dental technical lab takes part in recreation of damaged or lost dental units. An indirect method is indicated when vast carious or noncarious defects do not allow using filling material. They are deleted with the help of thin though solid build-ups, i.e. veneers or constructions made by cast.

The restoration is divided into two stages, and its main part takes place out of the patient’s mouth cavity, that decreases discomfort.

In DentaService (Zaporozhye), set constructions possess high solidity, natural look and long-lasting effect. Plus, they are easy in service.

Caries Treatment

Caries treatment is one of the most rendered stomatologic services. The abnormality starts from the enamel distraction and involvement of tooth solid tissues and a pulp. In DentaService, caries treatment is fulfilled by using modern technologies and materials.

First Stages of Therapy

The treatment process starts from the diagnostics, i.e. examination, radiography, specialist’s consultation and case history fulfillment. The treatment strategy is processed individually depending on the damage depth and size, carious cavity position location and complication existence.

In DentaService we use a computer anesthesia for pain relief, and that allows to insert anesthetic with the most accuracy without any risk of ligaments and vessels damage, and painlessly. Cavity preparation is held under control of a caries marker.

The dental cofferdams are used to exclude pathogenic microorganisms and moisture contact with a tooth, prevent gums inflammation. By means of one tooth or group of teeth isolation during the treatment, a dentist avoids surgical area pollution, increases adhesion degree of tooth filling materials andprevents fixed filler falling out.

The next stage of caries treatment is cavity cleaning. It is done by methods that can remove a necrotizing tissue without damaging a living one.

To treat pulpitis, we use a safe (without arsenic) and more effective devitalizing paste, Devit-C. Thanks to it, a tooth is ready in the very short time for pulp extraction and dental filling without annoyance and pain.

Filling Procedure

After teeth cleaning and carious cavity processing, a tooth filling is accomplished. DentaService uses only modern materials for this, such as:

  • Valux™ Plus – for dental filling and front and grinding teeth restoration at all types of caries;
  • Vitremer –a hybrid glass-ionomer material for big cavity filling;
  • Grandio – for filling the I-V class defects and teeth restoration after traumas.

A wide range of filling materials (8-11 shades) permits to make a fillinginvisible.

A DentaService dental clinic holds all types of caries treatment, and our specialists give the consultations to prevent caries formation in adults and children.

Dental Bleaching

The dental bleaching in DentaService is accomplished with the help of a professional office bleaching method. A special gel with 38% hydrogen peroxide is put on the frontal tooth side. Then, under the temperature pressure, it disengages atomic oxygen which reacts with protein connections of dental tissues painted parts, removes dental plaque and lights effectively a crown surface.

Used Methods

If you have the intensive enamel color change as a result of dental tartar, you need the professional dental bleaching. It is made with the help of an ultrasonic scaler which helps to remove depositions from the hard-to-get places such as under the gum and between teeth. The elimination of spots after tea, coffee, nicotine, red wine is fulfilled by the air-powder device (Air-flow).

The dental bleaching can be also possible with using a special kit consisted of bleaching gel and mouthguards. It is made individually to provide closer adjacency and prevent gums and internal cheeks surface from bleaching elements penetration.

The home bleaching needs a professional consultation to exclude enamel and soft tissues damages. A dentist will select a bleaching mixture composition that as much as possible corresponds to the enamel sensitivity and thickness, recommend the time of wearing mouthguards.

The dental bleachingcosts much, though it has a range of advantages under the clinical conditions, as it is:

  • safer, because it is held under the dentist’s control;
  • quicker – it requires 30-60 min. to whiten the teeth;
  • more effective – the professional bleaching can make teeth 8-11 tones lighter.

DentaService can not only provide a shining snow-white smile. Plus, the doctors strengthen tooth enamel and decrease teeth sensitivity with the help of medicines.


The most complicated type of dental treatment is the root channels treatment which requires high skills. A tooth safety depends on its quality. Thus, the endodontic treatment in DentaService is fulfilled by real aces. The modern equipment in our clinic plays a great role in effective treatment.

Method Stages

A radiovisiograph is used to visualize the form, length, channels quantity.It helps to accomplishexamination accurately. R-visiograph has a 15 times reducedradiation dose in comparison with traditional radiographs, that allows to use it in childish dentology and for treatment control.

It is necessary to prepare a channel for its most airproof filling. The instrumental processing requires the high accuracy. An apex locator, endomotor,dental microscope are used for root channels treatment in DentaService, that permit to clean the most complicated channel configurations and give them an ideal form without any risk of complications or tooth loss.

The mistakes in channels treatment lead to endodontic treatment complications, such as tooth periodontitis, root channel border perforation,pulp chamber floor perforation, and tooth root resorption.

A qualitative dental treatment helps us to avoid gums inflammation, pulpitis, periodontitis, and other diseases.

In case of the extremely damaged teeth, the dentists accomplish teeth root prosthetics. The channels must be treated for teeth dentures durability and inflammation advance excluding.

The specialists of DentaService will help to solve any problem connected with root channel treatment.

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