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The teeth, or dental, implants are the structural components, which are used to replace a lost tooth.If the root is absent, the teeth implants are integrated into jaw bony tissue with their further adhesion (osteointegration). The success of surgery depends on implant quality and doctor’s skill.

Advantages of the implantation in a clinic

In the dental clinic DentaService the teeth implantation is made with the use of implants from world leaders in dental products. They correspond to the generally accepted requirements of quality and safety, such as:

  • convenient for setting;
  • quick and unremarkable integration into bony tissue;
  • materials used for manufacturing stimulate the process of osteosynthesis;
  • giving wide range of opportunities to the specialists for dental prosthetics;
  • long-term performance.

The specialists from DentaService have great experience in the work with the most modern materials and systems. Thanks to their high qualification, the implantation provides the restoration of aesthetic appearance, chewing function, as well as diction preservation. All structure installation steps are painless.

Preparation procedure

In DentaService, before dental prosthetics, the full diagnostic is madeusing the frontline equipment, which allows not only to reduce radiation dose by 4-6 times, but also to get dimensional pictures. Computer 3D technologies give the opportunity to build models and virtually plan the whole surgery.

These methods permit to consider all individual features of the dentofacial set and bony tissue structure. Thus, the percentage of implant failure cases or post-surgery complications is the lowest in this branch of dentology.


The cost of dental prosthetics in DentaService depends on the complexity of operations, number of set implants, and producing company. It is the dentist’s in Zaporozhye where the service fees are lower than in other regions of Ukraine, and which satisfy the demands of patients with any financial opportunities, from the economy class up to the premium one.

Treatment in a Dream

The often reason of teeth loss and chronic dental diseases is the patient’s fear of visiting dentists.Dental clinic DentaService found the modern way of solving this problem – at the request of the client, dental implantation and other surgeries can be made in the dream.

How does it work?

The teeth treatment in a dream is the method of treatment when the patient gets to sedation (half-sleep, dream). Depending on the chosen method, the patient can be awake and do the doctor’s instructions, though without feeling fear, pain, and discomfort, or be in medication sleep due to safe medicaments. To provide sedation, we use medicaments that meet the following requirements:

  • no side effect –mental confusion, faintness, nausea, headache;
  • immediate (less than 2 min) start and long acting;
  • assurance of enough dream time during which the specialist accomplish the dental implants setting.

Thanks to this technology, the patient does not suffer from stress, and it aids quick recovery and complications absence. The patient gets cozy in the dentist’s chair and “gets asleep”. The patient’s state is under control of experienced anesthesiologist during the whole time, while the specialist set the dental implants.The dose of medicaments is selected individually.

Who are under ban?

Beforehand, DentaService provides tests to determine potential contradictions. Teeth implantation in the dream is not recommended in case of:

  • psychotropic medication treatment;
  • hyperexcitability syndrome;
  • neuromuscular diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • pregnancy;
  • allergic reactions on medicaments.

For state monitoring, the anesthesiologist uses the modern diagnostic equipment that allows the dentist to provide manipulations smoothly.


The indications to use medication sleep are the following:

  • patient’s dentophobia –it is the strong fear of stomatologic procedures;
  • high algesthesia;
  • powerful gagging;
  • analgesic allergy;
  • complicated and long-lasting treatment that needs doctor’s actions and total patient’s immobility;
  • states, when the general anesthesia is forbidden.

The teeth treatment in DentaService applies this method to adults as well as kids from 4 years old.

Shvets Stanislav

Implantology / surgery / plasmolifting / surgical periodontics

Bilyi Serhii

Surgery / Implantology / Plasmolifting

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Orthopedics / Implantology / Surgery / Plasmolifting / Surgical periodontics / X-ray diagnostics

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