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The oral hygiene cannot be supported on the necessary level only due to a tooth brush and toothpaste. In the course of time, a dental plaque occurs in the places inaccessible for dental floss and tooth brush, and therefore it turns into a dental tartar.

Indications and Advantages

The dental tartaris formed in the inter-dental spaces situated lower than a gum lineand causes the following:

  • inflammatory process of gums;
  • caries;
  • tooth loosening and loss;
  • unpleasant smell from the mouth;
  • loss (resorption) of a bony tissue.

Parodontics and hygiene are closely connected with each other, as the probability of caries formation and parodontal diseases increases without a regular procedure of the professional calculus removal.

The specialists from DentaService recommend to accomplish the professional teeth cleaning once in 6 months and before any treatment. It is easier to notice the initial caries stage and to find the ideal filling coloron the ideally clean crowns.Such procedures as prosthesis and implantation are not done without a preliminary professional cleaning.

This service is absolutely safe, painless, and atraumatic.

Cleaning Mechanism

In DentaService a professional dental cleaning is fulfilled with the help of special device in several stages:

  • oral cavity examination;
  • calculus removal by using ultrasonic scaler;
  • crown surface cleaning by means of Air-Flow – an abrasive water cleaning;
  • teeth polishing with the help of special handpieces and paste;
  • teeth fluoridation – protective covering.

As a result of cleaning, the teeth not only get rid of meal substrate and pathogenic microorganisms procreation, but also become whiter by several shades.

In our clinic a professional cleaning consists not only of cleaning service and teeth remineralization.The hygienist will consult you how often it is necessary to accomplish preventive events, select the best care products for a mouth cavity, compose an individual plan of visiting hygiene room.

In DentaService the teeth cleaning service is made either adults or kids. The high professionalism, modern equipment and available price make your visit of our clinic comfortable and effective.

Surgical Periodontics

A surgical periodontics is an independent branch in dental surgery. Its methods are used for periodontics treatment of the second and third abnormality development stages.

Types of Treatment

In DentaService there are the following types of service:

  • gingival pockets cleaning (it is a granulation removal by means of Gracey curettes from gingival pocket cavities.);
  • gum plastic by using soft tissue transplants for covering f a naked tooth neck;
  • visual tooth extension which is situated over the gum – gingivoplasty;
  • removal of an excessive gum tissue – gingivectomia;
  • non-surgical debridement – the removal of tooth tartar in the subgingival space.

The wide range of services is provided by modern equipment, such as ultrasonic sets, using innovative materials and periodontics treatment methods.

Thanks to high qualification of our surgeons, modern equipment and using safe anesthesia agents, the operations are held painlessly, without postoperative complications and with minimal renovation period.


The price on a surgical periodontics depends on operation complexity, used devices, anesthesia type and postoperative therapy; still it is known by the high level of fulfillment excellent result.

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