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  • Плазмолифтингindividual approach


Adental plasmolifting is a rather recent (about 10 years) branch. Thisrevolutionary injection method of prevention and treatment of dentofacial abnormalities is applied not in every dental clinic.

Method Core

The injections of patient’s own plasma, which is cleared and platelet enriched, stimulate the regeneration of connective and bony tissues at the cellular level. A little amount (10-20ml) of blood is taken from the patient’s vein. Then they add anticoagulant and separation gel into the test-glass with native blood, and with the help of centrifugation, they separate plasma from blood corpuscle.

Serosity fraction with platelets is inserted into the jaw soft tissues. The process of regeneration and osteosynthesis starts under the influence of growth actor, proteins and hormones.

Indications for Use

In DentaService this service is held following such indications as:

  • prevention and treatment of periodontics and gingivitis;
  • the removal of one or several adjacent teeth;
  • the removal of wisdom tooth;
  • intrabony implants setting;
  • carried out procedure of sinus lifting;
  • having terebrating and lingering inflammatory and infectious processes of jaw apparatus.

As a result of autoplasma inserting into tissues, the new capillaries develop, that increases nutrition, breathing, mucosa renovation, and bony tissue regeneration, local immunity rise as well.

The procedure is painless, though if you have high pain limit, the anesthetization is possible. Following asepsis protocols in our clinic guarantees total safety, as the infection risk of hepatitides and HI virus is absent.


The plasmolifting procedure cannot be help if the patient has:

  • diabetes or other endocrine and metabolic abnormalities;
  • oncology diseases;
  • blood diseases or blood-clotting disorders;
  • terebrating infectious diseases;
  • attack of lingering systemic diseases;
  • pregnancy and breast feeding.

Before the start of the procedure, the examinations must be obligatory to figure out contraindications, specify the diagnosis and paradontium state that increase plasmolifting effectiveness, exclude postoperative complications, and permit to calculate exactly the necessary injection quantity.


Toaccomplish plasmolifting, the expensive equipment and qualitative consumable materials are used.You get a wonderful result, that’s why the price on plasmolifting in dentology is explained by its high effectiveness.

The regeneration and strengthening of bony tissue, cellular growth stimulation and collagen production improvement happens at once after the procedure. Moreover, in case of lingering periodontics diseases and their prevention, it is necessary to do regular (once in 2-3 months) procedures.

Shvets Stanislav

Implantology / surgery / plasmolifting / surgical periodontics

Bilyi Serhii

Surgery / Implantology / Plasmolifting

Shvets Olena

Orthopedics / Implantology / Surgery / Plasmolifting / Surgical periodontics / X-ray diagnostics

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