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About us

About us

history of the clinic


Private dental clinics gain more and more popularity in our country. The modern dental clinic DentaService has been receiving patients for more than 20 years. Once visiting the clinic, a patient will definitely find the necessary specialist. Besides, either adults or kids are welcome here, and the wide range of service and high quality satisfy even the most demanding visitor. The clinic is proud of the fact that it provides services for the whole families.

Our Staff

The clinic deserves popularity thank to its employees, who:

  • have a great working experience;
  • follow the new world of dentology;
  • possess innovative technologies;
  • share their own results and proprietary technologies;
  • adopt the best practices at international and local seminars, symposiums, conferences, etc.

Thanks to the diversified development, possessing several specializations, one specialist can fulfill the work instead of 2-3 limited specialized doctors. Such an approach is used for long time already all over Europe, as it increases:

  • specialist’s personal responsibility for the final result;
  • confidence between a doctor and a patient;
  • interchangeability, so when one of the specialists is on vacations or sick, the patient does not need to wait his coming back;
  • specialists’ professional competence.

The personnel of the clinic has the specialists of the highest level, these are orthodontists, implant users, endodontists, therapists, surgeons, hygienists, and childish dentists.

Clinical equipment

DentaService is equipped with up-to-date dental devicesthat allow to accomplish any work quickly and maximally accurately. The close cooperation between a doctor, using modern equipment, materials and methods, and a patient permits to fulfill the work so

  • qualitatively;
  • aesthetically;
  • with fully natural and long-lasting effect.


Not every metropolitan clinic can boast such a wide range of surgery services, which exist in DentaService. The best specialists from Ukraine and Europe carry out operations on the basis of the clinic. Since 2001, the clinic has been holding complicated operations in the sphere of implantology and bony reconstruction. Thanks to the great experience and high qualification, our specialists not only renovate the teeth range function, remove pathologies and abnormalities, but also achieve aestheticism and naturality.

Care about our visitors

The main care in DentaService is patients’ well-being and comfort, service availability. The clinic is situated in the beautiful city location, in the very city center, i.e. Mayakovskogo Avenue. The free parking places for personal autos are near.

It is possible to arrange a visit remotely by making a request on our website or making a phone call. The boring queues are in the past already. The chosen specialist waits for the patient at the appointed time.


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